Welcome to REISSORG.com !

My aim with this web site is simply to share with you, collectors, slotcar enthusiasts or model car builders, my experience in producing water-slide decals and allow you to contact me easily (via the CONTACT page).

ntended for VINTAGE RACE CARS MODELS, my fully done up decal sets, accurately designed, allow to transform old so poorly decorated 1/32 SCALEXTRIC or the like slot cars into much nicer models representing real 1:1 race cars in a quite realistic way, offering them a second life. You will find on this site, a number of model cars all re-decorated using REISSORG decals (click on DECAL SETS in the yellow menu).

Drawing four view car profiles is another facet of my passion for vintage race cars, a time-consuming but rewarding activity, and I'm happy that you can discover them on this site and even more if they may be of some help for your modelling projects. Click on CAR PROFILES in the yellow menu.


Ink-jet printed waterslide decals


For the model builder or restorer, the ability to produce his own decal sets is obviously opening new roads. The today computer technology makes it feasible and affordable, a well parametered inkjet printer being able to print out quality water-slide decals suitable for use in repainting, relivering and scratch building projects.

This is a major opportunity for all model cars collectors or slot racing enthusiasts since they now have much more freedom in defining their restoring or scratch building projects, being no longer limited to the existing choice of commercially available decals.

You will find on this site a number of vintage race car models that have been built or restored using REISSORG® decals. Most are 1/32 slotcars as my own vintage Scalextric were the initial target when I started making decals.

more on REISSORG® decals...

My primary objective here is not to make money by selling decals - although it allows me to recoup some of the costs - but if you think I could be of help in any way for your car model projects, just get in touch.

A list of available 1/32 decal sets can be downloaded here .
Each decal set, consisting of one or two sheets, contains all the decal images for a given car.


Sometimes (question of time available...), I also happen to produce four view car profile drawings for my own pleasure and I'm happy to share them on this website with other car racing enthusiasts.I hope you'll like them.
Accompanied by a short presentation, they have no other pretention than being helpful to model car builders / restorers for their modeling projects by providing ideas and documentation. For all of us, they are also a good means to retain the memory of a few mythical race cars of the golden 1950_70's era.

Lola T70 Mk3 Chevrolet Coupe of the John Woolfe Racing Team is my latest production. See more here.

They are Royalty-free and can be downloaded freely. However, please note that they are copyrighted material intended for personal viewing and use only. No other commercial or non-profit use is allowed without written permission.

I'd particularly welcome any questions or comments you may have about these profiles. Don't hesitate to email me (see the CONTACT page for details). The profiles are here.

Custom made decals for
scratch builders


Beyond simply relivering vintage Scaleys, a further step for the enthusiast is scratch building, building slot cars of his choice, picking up on the market and matching the various parts needed : body shells, drivers, chassis, wheels, tyres, motors, axles, gears, etc and … decals. Finding proper decals on the market may become problematic as soon as you choose to stray from the beaten track and consider a specific unusual model.
(photos EDO's workbench)

This is when custom made decals come to play. In practice, it has to be done remotely, with some contribution from the interested party in the form of a few measurement photos and in some cases some involvement in blank testings to ensure the decals will best fit the body shell. See
here an example of decals made remotely for a one-off slot car model.

Having had the opportunity to work this way for about thirty 1/32 slot cars with a Danish enthusiast - and eminent SlotForum International member - I've added a
site, showing a few of those models with REISSORG® custom made decals, worked out remotely, so that you can judge the results.

get in touch to know more.

Did you say VINTAGE race cars ?
Yes, I know, the term Vintage can be confusing and interpreted differently by different people. So, let's agree here that, in the context of this website, vintage race cars will mean all race cars of the 1950's, 1960's and most of the 1970's, whatever sports/GT or open-wheel racing cars.

And while we are with terminology, the term
Scaleys is a loving short cut for SCALEXTRIC electric cars.

What about my mass-produced die-cast static models ?

For sure, a proper decal set and sometimes a paint respray can do much to personalize inexpensive die-cast models and turn them into nice collection items. The few examples below show that results are worth the time and effort.

pkfz  pkfz  pkfz  pkfz
Left to right : 1/24 Majorette Jaguar E-type, Burago Ferrari 250LM and 250 TR, Leomodel Porsche 911R.
(Note that a downsized 1/32 version of decals is now available for the Porsche 911R #181- See

pkfz pkfz
The WELLY® 1/24 model coming with its two GORDINI distinctive longitudinal white stripes welcomes personalisation